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SailorMoonFans Redux

same awesome comm, new management

Sailor Moon Fans Redux
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Sailor Moon
QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? CONCERNS? IDEAS? Direct them all to this post:
Questions.Comments Concerns. Post


1. Be courteous to one another.
This one should be pretty straight forward. Personal attacks and flame wars against other members will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with someone take it outside the comm. There is a useful feature here on LJ called Private Message. Use it! Should we catch you bringing wank inside the house, we will warn you three times. After three strikes, you're out!

2. No trolling.
If your only reason for joining this comm is to deliberately cause disruption, we will simply give you the banhammer and your post will be deleted. No questions asked.

This is a Sailor Moon community, not your personal journal. If your post has nothing to do with Sailor Moon, it does not belong here. Posting a picture of Tuxedo Mask in order to talk about how your day went or to tell us that you're going on vacation will not make your post on topic. If we see it, we will delete it.

4. Sales posts can only be posted on ONE day of the week.

We always post ALL sales on an FFAF-styled post every Sunday to avoid flooding the comm with multiple sales posts from individuals users. If however, you do not want to wait that long to post any sales, we recommend posting to serasell .

5. Other communities and RPGs are allowed to be promoted.
Just keep this at a maximum of once per week please.

6. Adult material is allowed to be posted, but we do have three requirements:
1) It MUST fall within an R-rating. The work cannot be too explicit to the point of shocking members; we're not trying to drive anyone away!
2) It MUST be posted behind an LJ-Cut.
3) If your work contains nudity or sexual content, you MUST post a NSFW and inform us of such.

7. If posting links to downloads of the manga or anime, you MUST friends-lock the post.

8. When posting graphics, manga colourisations, icons, or large images (>500x500 px), they MUST be behind an LJ-cut.
Posting thumbnails that preview the work is fine, however you may only post a total of three thumbnails max

9. Constructive criticism and friendly debate is acceptable.
Just don't go overboard when voicing your thoughts.

10. Lastly, have fun!

**NOTE! The mods reserve the right to modify these rules at anytime should other problems arise.

**For more information regarding comm rules, please visit the comm's FAQ.

In the event that a category 5 shitstorm hits the comm and there's debris and other sharp objects flying amongst members, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-SMF-WANK and one of us will respond accordingly.

(Don't worry, it is an email address and NOT an actual phone number ^_~).